Corona Cooking Survey

The COVID19 virus, as you have no doubt experienced, is changing many aspects of our everyday lives, including the way we eat. Against the backdrop of these changes, the “Food, Media & Society (FOOMS)” team at the University of Antwerp has created a survey to investigate how these changes affect the way people interact with food and food-related media. Our aim is to uncover these changes in cooking habits, skills and media.

As the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people all over the world, researchers from as many countries as possible will be involved in the implementation of this study. I have translated the survey into German for the implementation of the study in Germany. You can get more information about the survey at

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, you can contact me directly by email or phone:
Alternatively, you can also contact Charlotte De Backer, who is responsible for the creation and implementation of the survey, by email: